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Assisting Seniors in Retaining Independence

Visiting Nurses Association Older Adult Care case managers connect clients to a variety of services for seniors in Boone County and Winnebago County focused on helping them retain their independence and stay in their homes after the age of 60. These programs include offering seniors support and care through the Community Care Program, the Money Management Program and abuse and neglect investigation.

Community Care Programs

Funded through federal and state agencies, VNA’s Community Care Programs provide individualized attention for seniors. VNA staff conduct home visits for seniors that meet asset and need requirements. VNA Community Care Programs include:

  • The Homemaker Program: Seniors receive in-home services from trained homemakers. Services include in-home assistance, personal care and other forms of support.
  • Adult Day Care: Offering supervision and care for seniors without the requirement of institutional care, Adult Day Care also features the added benefits of transportation and home-delivered meals.
  • Emergency Home Response System: 24-hour electronic device that enables seniors to secure help in an emergency.

Choices for Care

VNA case managers conduct screenings for seniors considering nursing homes or long-term care facilities as living options. Each senior is given a free consultation to determine their individual needs. Case managers also review various service options and the costs associated with each option. The program also offers assistance for developing a care plan. 

Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program

This program is run by specially-trained volunteers dedicated to helping seniors effectively manage their money. Servicing low-income seniors who meet and asset guidelines, the Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program assists in budgeting, paying bills and tracking other matters related to their finances. Volunteers go through a strict screening process and are trained to act as bill payer or representative payee.  Short-term and long-term assistance is offered based on need. 

Adult Protective Services

Dedicated to investigating elder abuse, the Illinois Adult Protective Services program helps stop abuse of seniors. Using specially-trained case managers, the program investigates situations involving financial exploitation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, willful deprivation, passive neglect, confinement and sexual abuse. Case managers work closely with the individual to help determine what services are most appropriate to prevent further mistreatment. Anyone that believes they have witnessed a case of abuse can report the matter confidentially. Under Illinois state law, healthcare professionals and other professionals are required to report suspected cases of abuse.

Find More Information About Older Adult Services

The VNA is here help you or a loved one find the older adult services program that will continue to help seniors live independently while offering much-needed support. To learn more about our VNA’s older adult services, or to make a referral, call (815) 971-4285.