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Hospice Care, Bereavement services and Hospice Staff

For patients and family members dealing with a terminal illness, making the decision to longer seek curative treatment can be a difficult one. If and when the time is right,  VNA will offer support services to allow the patient to be cared for by their family or caregivers in their own home while offering them comfort, dignity and control. 

Hospice Staff

Hospice care requires a combination nurses, social workers, home care aids, chaplains and volunteers to make sure needs are met for patients and their families. Hospice staff includes:

  • The patient’s physician: Responsible for prescribing and directing hospice treatment
  • Registered nurses: Tending to day-to-day care while also available on-call 24/7, registered nurses address patients’ pain-relief needs and manage symptoms.*
  • Medical social workers: Provide counseling for patients and their families, including in matters related to financial assistance, social interaction, emotional support and bereavement services.
  • Chaplains: Responsible for providing spiritual support
  • Certified nurse’s aides: Assisting registered nurses in providing personal and respite care*
  • Volunteers: Assist in providing social support, companionship and respite care.

*VNA Hospice staffs certified nurses and nurse aides who specialize in hospice and pain management care.

Bereavement Services

It’s natural to go through a grieving process after the death of a loved one. VNA Hospice’s bereavement services provide licensed clinical grief counselors, who offer comfort and support as your family deals with the loss of your loved one. Grief counselors help you realize you don’t have to go through your grief alone by helping you share your feelings, memories and experiences. 

Paying for Hospice Care

Hospice care is covered by most health insurance plans as well as through Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Administration benefits. Because VNA Hospice is a Medicare-certified, state licensed, not-for-profit organization, it is eligible to receive estates, memorials and donations from patients, their families and the community at large. These donations make it possible for VNA to offer hospice care to all patients, regardless of their financial situation. 

Contact VNA for Hospice Care Services

If you’re dealing with a terminal illness, VNA can provide support for you and your family. Call (815) 971-3554 to speak with a member of our staff to learn more about the services we offer.